Inclusive School Sports in Australia

kids playing with rope tug of war

Picture this: a school ground buzzing with activity, where students of all abilities come together to play, learn, and grow. Inclusive school sports are not just an option; they’re an integral part of our sporting and education landscape.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Disability Standards for Education 2005 aims to ensure that students with disability have the same rights as their peers.

The Standards seek to ensure students with disability can access and participate in  education and training on the same basis as students without disability. Meaning that all schools must provide opportunities and choices that cater for all abilities.

Here we will shed light on the misconceptions surrounding inclusive sports while showcasing the remarkable impact of inclusivity in both education and sports.

# 1: Inclusion is Too Challenging
# 2: One Size Fits All
# 3: Separate is Equal
# 4: Limited Benefits for Students with Disability

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Credit: Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability