Real stories from people with disabilities - How to be an inclusive club part 2.

AAA Play Ambassadors

It’s great for a sporting club to strive to be more inclusive. This extends to all genders, cultures and identities, but specifically, accommodating people with a disability can seem daunting. AAA Play has put together a resource to get you started with the things you need to look at within your club to be more inclusive. Click here to access the guide. 

We also caught up with some of our AAA Ambassadors to give you a perspective on what it’s like to be an individual with a disability trying to access sport and recreation. One of the biggest challenges in working with people with disabilities is how unique each person is. If you know one person with a disability, you know one person with a disability. But there are some common themes and experiences that our ambassadors have shared to help you along the way.

This is part two of the conversation, read on to hear from Andre!

Q1. What sport and recreation have you participated in?
Para-ice hockey, swimming, and casual jogs.

Q2. What were some of the challenges you faced in being able to participate in sport and active recreation?
Besides personally requiring a specific prosthesis to be able to participate in certain recreational activities, the biggest challenge is the need for more come and try days. 

Q3. What did the club do before you joined that gave you the confidence to contact them?

The website was easily laid out, it had all the information necessary to organize a day on the snow. Membership was affordable.

Q4. When you attended the sport, what did the club do to make you feel welcome and ensure your disability wasn’t a barrier to participation?
From registration to being on the mountain the process was seamless. With the focus being on getting as much snow time as possible. 

Q5. How do you find out about sport and recreation opportunities?
Facebook, w
ord of mouth, and prosthetic clinic waiting rooms (leaflets) 

Q6. Top tip for sports wanting to be more inclusive?
Accessible price if the is a membership involved. 
Organise more come and try days for adaptive sports.