Pegasus Program

Disability Sports Victoria is currently running a pilot program called The Pegasus Program. Disability Sports Victoria has recognised that there is a lack of support services for children with a physical disability attending a mainstream school who participate in physical education classes. We recognise that a coordinated support service involving the student, the student’s parents/guardians, the student’s medical professionals and the physical education teacher will result in optimal physical and mental health outcomes for our special needs students.

The Pegasus Program is about to embark on its first trial phase and we are seeking candidates to participate. We are looking for students within a mainstream school, enrolled between grades Prep to Year 8, and that have a primary physical disability.

The pilot program will be an 8 week intervention and will be of no cost to the child or the school.

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, contact Joshua Cox, Program Manager, Disability Sports Victoria on 0434 949 258 or email: