Para-powerlifting Brisbane Competiton

Image of a barbell with 3 large weights, the barbell on a bench press rack wit

With funding support from Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) and Paralympics Australia (PA), Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association (SWDA) will host a competition in Brisbane on Saturday 31 July 2021.

This event is open to all Para-powerlifting athletes, from novice through to elite, who are eligible to compete in Para-powerlifting competitions (minimum 15 years of age at 31 December 2021).
World Para Powerlifting (WPP) sanctioning is pending subject to approval from World Para Powerlifting. National Classification will be available and conducted prior to competition.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions a maximum of one supporter/coach/carer per athlete may be allowed. Please advise if you will have a supporter/coach/carer in attendance with you and if arrangements for transport are required.

Click here to view competition handbook