Mental Health & Safety Conference - Autistic Girls&Teens

autistic girls and teens mental health and safety conference

Join Yellow Ladybugs, Autistic Girls & Women for a a three day online and in person conference featuring autistic girls & women, gender diverse individuals and allies, all sharing stories from their professional and or lived experience.

This conference is funded by the Department of Education and Training Victoria.
Conference themes:
- Identifying key mental health risks of autistic girls at school
- Intersectionality between mental health and gender and sexuality
- Supporting neurodivergent parents
- Cyber-safety (including latest technology such as Discord and Tik Tok) covering: the specific risks for autistic girls, an approach for school wellbeing teams and parents to work together to minimise risk, and develop intervention strategies.
- A peer-to-peer tween/teen session, with autistic teens and young people presenting: covering how to navigate the common challenges autistic girls face at school, including mental health, and also on building a positive autistic identity. This is an autistic led conference