Legends of Victorian Sport Panel to headline 2020 Victorian Sport Awards

Legends of Victorian Sport Panel

VALID Conference Theme: You're my best friend! 
We have all been through a lot over the past twelve months. We have all been reminded of how cruel the world can sometimes be. But we have also been reminded how important our friends are to us. Who has helped you get through the year? Your workmates? Your housemates? Your best buds? Your family? Your support workers? Your BFF’s? Your neighbours? In 2021, the VALID Having a Say Conference is being held in June. This is to give us the best chance of getting everyone together, without the threat of the virus spoiling our fun. So, come along to celebrate your best friend – the person or people who have helped get you through. Because, just like Queen also sang, We’ve Got to Break Free! And don’t worry, even if the virus hangs around until June and thinks it can spoil our party, it’s got another thing coming! As well as planning for our annual get-together in Geelong, we’re planning the biggest and best online conference the Universe has ever seen.