Sport Inclusion CoP: education & employment for people of all abilities

Sport Inclusion CoP: education & employment for people of all abilities

This was the first Sport Inclusion Community of Practice (CoP) of 2019 and focused on the role of the sport and recreation sector in education and meaningful employment. This CoP presented a series of short case studies demonstrating meaningful employment in the sport and recreation sector leading towards economic participation in Victoria.

The Sport Inclusion (AAA) Community of Practice presents: From athletic participation to economic participation Education, employment and board level leadership. The first Sport Inclusion Community of Practice (CoP) of 2019 explored Victorian initiatives that have supported the education, employment and board level leadership skills of people who are physically and/or neuro-diverse. By working together, can we increase the number of student placements, existing EFT and new employment opportunities in the sport and recreation sector?

Key topics covered
Education and placements
Students from Victoria University who will be completing their Cert II of Work Education (including three sport electives) will present about their skills and passions. These same students will be seeking placements in the sport and recreation sector in 2019. Harry Metzger, an Alumni of the VU 2018 program and Grant Cosgriff, CEO of Triathalon Victoria presented their experiences of placement which has led to Harry’s employment with Triathlon Victoria. Andre Ascui, also a 2018 VU Alumni and Matt Haanappel, Access and Inclusion Coordinator with City of Monash presented on Andre’s VU placement that has led to additional training as a life guard and employment with City of Monash.

Talent ID and recruitment
Steve Odgers and Scott Nicholas, AFL Victoria were joined by Souzan Asfour, Head of Employer Engagement at WISE Employment. Steve presented his sport and employment journey, Scott discussed the value of diversity and the business case and Souzan spoke about the supports Wise provided pre and post placement. Georgie Walker, Specialisterne presented the history and vision of Specialisterne to employ 1 million people with autism internationally. Specialisterne will be running a talent identification series in 2019 that can help to identify skillsets needed in the sport and recreation sector. Andreas Panage and Charlotte Prestini from Hudson Recruitment presented a mainstream employment perspective and key examples as to how they can support the sport and recreation sector to find the right talent.

Emelia Stewart and Chris Hoffman: Emelia has been employed with DHHS as part of the Rise at DHHS program. Chris presented the DHHS business challenge that required the filing of 4 million files in TRIM EDM. Together, Chris and Emelia presented how similar skills and initiatives can translate to the sport and recreation sector across Victoria. In addition to presenting, Emelia will be leading structured networking opportunities for participants. Ben Carbonaro, AFL Umpires Department, I CAN Network and Three Feet Radio will present his employment journey from starting his own netball radio station to employment with the AFL. Ben was joined by Chris Donlon from the AFL Umpires Department. Marcus Sanders, St Kilda Saints, Saints Play Auskick program presented from the perspective of someone who has acquired a disability and who after 20 years of working with Victorian Police and the AFP is now working in the Saints Play program. Sam Moorfoot, Geelong Cats, presented his journey which has included writing a letter to Cats CEO Brian Cook seeking employment. Jay Ennor, Geelong Umpires Association, spoke about his experience transitioning from a footy player to an umpire who has recently umpired an U15 Grand Final.

Board level education and capacity building
Presentations focused on leadership and capacity building at the board level by John Baker from Voice at the table, Ayden Shaw from Disability Sport and Recreation and Beau Williams from NDIS.

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