Special Olympics App: Sprout - for home based fitness

Special Olympics App: Sprout - for home based fitness

Staying indoors and the cancellation of training sessions doesn't mean you neglect your fitness.

Have you downloaded Sprout?

Together with Microsoft and partners, and in consultation with Special Olympics athletes, Special Olympics Australia have created a home-based inclusive fitness App to help you keep fit anytime, every day.

The game has features like animated exercise videos and progress bars where each level contains exercises for strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Sprout is based on our FIT5 framework which provides a safe, tested and gradual way for you to stay fit with tips on physical activity, nutrition and hydration. Based on Special Olympics’ Fit5 programme, Sprout is a fun way to stay active and fit. Sprout guides you through 10 levels of exercises where you get to grow a new sprout with each level. Every time an exercise is completed, you’ll be able to feed your plant and grow your garden! It’s also a great way for caregivers to interact and spend time with the players by assisting them in monitoring their exercises on Sprout. 

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