Gymnastics Aerobase program is now open to all!

Gymnastics Aerobase program is now open to all!

During this strange time, it is more important than ever to make sure we are staying active and healthy, even if we can't go outside, or to as many programs or activities.

Gymnastics Victoria have generously opened up their Online Aerobase program, and we have never had so much fun exercising at home! Programs are for adults and children, and teach the basics of aerobics. 

About the program:

The award-winning Aerobase is a fun, introductory Aerobics program for schools and groups.

Aerobase has six instructional lessons that run for 10-15 minutes, so all you need to participate is a screen, access to the internet and sound. Aerobase can be done anytime and anywhere, including in a PE class, a lunchtime program, as a wet day timetable activity or even as a warm up to kick start the day!

At the end of the program, schools are encouraged to film their students completing an Aerobics routine and be in the running to win $1000 for your school in our online competition! Details for entering the Aerobase Online Championships can be found at the bottom of this page.

For students with a disability, there are 6 instructional exercise videos which teach the basics of aerobics. For adults, there is an additional 5 exercise videos.



Have fun!