Achilles Melbourne Staying Connected


Achilles Melbourne is Melbourne’s premier running club for people with a disability. Pre-Covid, they ran regular training sessions on Sundays at the iconic Tan running track and at Beauty Park on the Mornington Peninsula. They also connect people with a disability with local running clubs and public running events.

Whether you have a disability or you wish to run/walk alongside people with a disability, we run/walk together to achieve individual fitness goals. See more information on their website here

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they are coming up with absolutely awesome ways to help you stay active and keep on track for your fitness goals:

*Twice a week there is a new challenge for the Melbourne club, and everyone as to contribute to reaching the goal. 

* By Facebook - if you've completed your guide training with Achilles Melbourne, please remember to join our Member's Forum on Facebook to reach out to one another. This may be for virtual workouts, sharing sweaty selfies of yourself after a good ol' treadmill workout, or even just to reach out for some shopping assistance. 

* Join our Strava group - motivate and challenge others by sharing recent independent workouts on our Strava community. 

* The Achilles International Facebook page is starting to post up work-outs which can be done at home. Audio description is slowly being added to these resources.